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Hi, I’m Larissa Clairfield, Chief Editor and Executive Dog LOVER here at Fidos Favorite!

Our entire staff is packed with dog lovers and puppy parents. Like you, we want the best for our furbabies. Our work here is truly a labor of love.

My two are treated like a pair of royal twins and enjoy life with all their wants and desires attended to by their faithful servant (that would be me).

After doing some brief introspection, I realized two major things:

  1. I have a pretty good idea of knowing what my dogs like whenever I buy them anything from the puppy store.
  2. I knew for a fact that there were other people like me on the internet.

Fidos Favorites was created with that mindset. Our mission is to provide other pet parents with our unique perspective and to share our experience.

Whether you are looking for treats, dog food, harnesses or new toys for your canine family member, we have information here for you. We have done the research, evaluated the results, and will steer you toward the best products at the pet store or online marketplace.

Training tips, training aids, collars and puppy pads, or anything else. If you are curious about it and it involves dogs, we will have information on it here.

Wondering about general stuff your puppers might need? Check here for blog posts about a variety of topics to help you keep your dog happy and healthy.

If you are looking for a website about Fido’s favorite dog everything – you found it!

If you’re a crazy dog enthusiast like I am and want to make sure you get the best for your dog, we welcome you to our site and our community. We hope you find our resources helpful. We’d love to hear from you.

Please leave a comment on one of our posts or send a private message to our team.

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