10 Great Ideas For DIY Dog House Project


If you own a dog that loves to be outdoors, you might consider a DIY dog house project that would be fun and practical for your pooch. You can make it as elaborate as you like. You could even build it to look like a miniature version of your home! The possibilities are endless in what you can add for trim and even paint color. Have fun and let your imagination run wild with this DIY dog house project!

How Do You Build A DIY Dog House?

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You can look online and get a set of plans that will help you build your dog house. Your dog will have a place of their own to spend time outdoors. You can build a classic style doghouse using plywood and lumber. Remember to make it to fit your dog; bigger is not always the best as dogs feel more secure in small spaces. Making it fit your pet will also ensure their body heat will warm the space so they are comfortable in warm or cooler weather.

This project is for small to medium-sized dogs about 50 pounds. Use quality materials to ensure there are no splinters and pressure treated wood only where your dog will not be able to chew on it as the chemicals could harm your dog. Low-VOC paint should be used for safety.

What To Use For The Base

You will need to insulate the space and make sure that it's kept dry. With good insulation, the space below the floor will be warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer months. If it rains a lot in your area, use a non-toxic material that is water-resistant and build the base high enough so it won't flood.

​Cut 2×4 boards into 4 pieces, two at 22.5 inches long and two at 23 inches long. Place the 23 inch pieces inside the 22.5 inch pieces to create a rectangle with the two inch side on the ground. Attach with 2 – 3 inch galvanized wood screws in each of the ends. Cut a piece of plywood 26 inches by 22.5 inches and attach to the base with 1.25 inch galvanized wood screws in each corner.


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Putting Up The Walls

Use real wood to keep the walls insulated and make the front opening as small a possible to keep your dog warm.

Cut each side (2) out of plywood 26 inches long by 16 inches wide. The front and back (2) are 24 inches by 16 inches with a 12 inch by 24 inch triangle for the front and back. Leave an opening on the front piece 10 inches wide by 13 inches high and a three inch space at the bottom of the opening to cover your base. To create a round top shape use a bowl for a template.

​Cut eight pieces of 2×2 cedar or fir wood to frame and secure the roof and walls. Corner pieces (4) are 15 inches long and four framing pieces are 13 inches long. Attach one 15 inch piece to each side with three 1.25 inch galvanized framing screws. Screw in the side panels to the base with galvanized screws every 4 to 5 inches around the perimeter. Attach back and front panels to the base and to the framing with galvanized screws every 4 to 5 inches around the perimeter.

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Building A Roof

​A triangular roof will allow snow and rain to slide off and gives your dog more space to stretch. Cut out two 32 inch long by 20 inch wide pieces of wood. Attach the 13 inch piece with 2×2 framing pieces to the inside edge of the front and back halfway between the bottom and top of the angles sides. Attach with 1.25 inch galvanized wood screws.

Making sure the peak is tight and panels are hanging over the sides, attach with 1.25 inch galvanized wood screws every 3 inches.


Paint –  can now paint with non-toxic paint in a fun color or to match your home. Children can even help with the design; have fun!

Enhance the roofcover with asphalt-impregnated roofing paper, add shingles

Interioradd carpet, a blanket, or a dog bed

Exteriorhang a name plate over the opening, attach hooks to hang leashes and other toys

Things To Consider When Building A Doghouse

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​Before you get started, make sure that your dog will fit in the house; not too big, not too small. A good way to determine this is to add 9 inches to the height of your dog, 18 inches to the length and 12 inches to the width to get measurements for your DIY dog house.

​​Pets Habits

​Build a flat roof instead of one with eaves if your pet likes to survey the area. Avoid shingles if your dog overheats.


Adding a door can give your dog more protection in the winter, but bring your dog indoors if temperatures fall below 40 degrees especially if they are older, smaller, or a puppy. Remove the door in summer months. Build the door to your pet's height and off center for more privacy and protection. Use magnetized flaps to allow the door to close allowing easy access for your dog.

​Place the house off of the ground to prevent water from entering and to keep it warmer. Drill nickel-sized holes on the walls to allow hot air to escape in the summer and to dry out in the winter.


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​Select the coolest area in your yard, against a wall for protection. Place the door east to protect it from storms.


​Plastic is the cheapest, lightest, and easiest to move and maintain. Wooden dog houses are better insulated and look more like a real house. Many are made from fir, pine, or cedar.


​Straw and wood shavings offer insulation for the inside and cedar shavings repel ticks and fleas. Replace weekly.

​10 High-Tech Modern Doghouses

Fido Will Be Proud Of


image by pexels

LED Lighting, Wi-Fi Cameria, And A/C

​This design is great for smaller dogs; it has a humidifier, A/C, and heating. It comes with a remote control and wi-fi so that you can check on your pets.

Roof Garden

​These earth-friendly houses are made of recycled planks and rot-resistant cedar with beeswax for waterproofing. They come with a garden on the top.

Moddy Doggy

​The thick-slab wood floor and angled roof gives this doghouse its chic look.

K-9 Deluxe

​Eco-friendly design incorporates a roof-top 5 gallon rainwater collection tank that feeds the water bowl. Ventilation and interior lights are solar powered.


​Create a DIY dog house out of an ottoman for your small dog. Adorn with studs and decorate with a faux-fur animal cushion inside for a cool indoor retreat.


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​Powder-coated steel looks like an elegant piece of furniture in your home. The starburst pattern allows ventilation for your small dog.


​Plastic dog houses are insulated and designed to handle all weather without fading or cracking.

Dog Trot

​Inspired by homes in the South, this doghouse comes with a breezeway between two structures.


​A dog crate that doubles as a side table is a great option for your small dog.

Dog Coop

​Environmentally friendly made from insulated panels with a plastic deck.

How Do You Make A DIY Dog House With A Porch?

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Building a porch on your diy dog house will allow your dog to enjoy the outdoors in his own space while covered from the elements. You could put a bed on it if they enjoy taking a nap outside and it finishes off the doghouse in a practical and appealing way. You could even add railings and plantings if you want to get fancy.

After the DIY dog house is built, you can add a porch by attaching boards to the frame in the size you want for the porch. Lay the floor boards on top of them, and if you want to add a roof, measure it to match the size of the floor and attach it to the house with a roof brace centered over the door. Cut 2 porch pillars to support the roof and attach to the roof and the base.

How Do You Paint A Dog House?


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  • Keep It Safe-Treat the wood with linseed oil and use a non-toxic primer.
  • Use A Weather Proof Primer-Apply 1 to 2 coats of weatherproof primer to the roof and all sides of the doghouse.
  • Consider Your Climate-Dark colors trap heat and warmth, light colors keep it cool.


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​Building a DIY dog house is a fun project; don't be afraid to let your creativity run wild. If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at some DIY dog house
designs online. A simple design will work just fine. Your dog will appreciate any effort you put into your DIY dog house design as long as they have room to navigate. Dogs love their own space and this DIY dog house will soon become a favorite of theirs.

Your dog is a member of the family and you want the best for them. A DIY dog house can be a practical project that will shelter them from the elements when they are outdoors.

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